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oxygen and fire

by Oxygen and Fire

If you're ever in Toronto and wonder if there is any vegan food near me, don't fret.

We gotchu! :D

We know it's hard to travel and stay true to oneself in terms of not falling off the vegan bandwagon.

Breaking our vegan commitment is a deal breaker for us, so many times, we've ended up making our own meals by buying supplies at grocery stores when vegan restaurant options were limited while traveling.

Thankfully, there are many vegan restaurants, bakeries, and cafes in Toronto we truly enjoy and are not sponsored by them.

Although there is an increase in vegan options being offered at omni restaurants, there's nothing quite like going to fully plant-based or vegan restaurants, bakeries, and cafes where we're not limited to a select few items.

Ever liked a place so much that you planned your next meal or item you'd like to eat for the following time you visit, during your present moment there?

That's us, all the time with these places! :D

Having the full menu as options truly makes us want to go back for seconds, thirds, and ultimately be a loyal returning customer.

That and other factors need to line up, as well, of course!

While there are many more places we have yet to explore, here are our current top favourite vegan restaurants, bakeries, and cafes in Toronto.

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips on the counter

Photo Credit: Miha Rekar

Fresh Kitchen and Juice Bar

Note: Image is not sold exactly as shown. Image is for illustration purposes only.

Whenever we feel like having a vegan burger and fries our go to is Fresh Kitchen and Juice Bar

The service is nice and the quality of the grain burger patties are our favourite.

We usually pair it up with a Sap Sucker drink in Grapefruit flavour.

When the weather is nice we like taking it to a local park and eating under the trees picnic style.

Instagram @freshrestaurants

Odd Burger

While Fresh is a more health conscious experience, if you're looking for a junk food fix, definitely go to Odd Burger.

Of course, it's not exactly like McDonald's but it's pretty close!

We've tried their pretenders which are like chicken nuggets minus the chicken.

The outer crispiness is on point!

The inside isn't as fluffy but still pretty close taste wise for chickpea based chicken nugget.

The french fries did not disappoint!

They're thick and crispy with a soft almost like mashed potato inside.

The onion rings are soooo good - crispy on the outside and actually stick to the onion.

Finally, the soy based burger is also sooo good and reminds us a bit of McDonald's but vegan style.


Instagram @oddburgerfastfood

sushi held by wooden chopsticks with a black back drop

Photo Credit: Tamas Pap

Planta on Queen

For a night out on the town, may we suggest Planta on Queen.

Although their menu has evolved over the years, the ahi watermelon sushi remains to be our favourite dish.

We enjoy the ambiance and the fusion of Thai, Japanese, and Singaporean cuisines.

It's like going on a mini vacation without leaving the city.

Instagram @plantaqueen

decor of skulls and cacao pods on wall at Chocosol, chocolate tasting pieces and tacos

Photo Credit: Better Then Blog


Speaking about going on mini vacations without leaving the city, at Chosol, we had the priviledge of being transported to Central and South America when we went on their 'Cacao and Maize Tasting' tour.

The stories of how they source their ingredients have stayed with us and whenever we see their Jaguar hot chocolate as an option at a nearby cafe, it's our go to choice (especially the Jaguar swirl hot chocolate offered at the Evergreen Brickworks Farmer's market).

The tacos are truly delicious and uncomparable.

We found visiting Chocosol worth it!

Instagram @chocosoltraders

Person with dog and cat tattoo holding a box of four donuts

Photo Credit: Andre Tan


Note: Image is not sold exactly as shown. Image is for illustration purposes only.

We love Bloomers.

What a wholesome, young family run cafe specializing in vegan donuts and other vegan bakery items such as bagels, cupcakes, croissants, etc.

Their efforts to include a culturally diverse public do NOT go unnoticed.

There've been Diwali themed donuts, Sufganiyot for Hannukkah and Christmas themed donuts.

Our favourites are bagels and vegan cream cheese, as well as the rose pistachio and Ferrero Rocher donuts.

Instagram @bloomersto

We've noticed Bloomer donuts are also available at Mos Mos coffee shops in a couple of their downtown locations.

Instagram @mosmoscoffee

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips on the counter

Photo Credit: Kadri Karmo

Sweets from the Earth

Note: Image is not sold exactly as shown. Image is for illustration purposes only.

Sweets from the Earth has two bakeries one with nuts and gluten and the other without.

They are both vegan and family-owned.

Although they are a little out of the way from the downtown core, they also do deliver and we've seen some of their products available in local cafes and some grocery stores.

They have fresh pastries for pre-order that can be picked up with the rest of your order on Fridays.

This service is also available on some Sundays as communicated through their social media accounts.

Our favourites are the chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies, the lavender chocolate cupcakes, and the cheddar jalapeno scones.

Instagram @sftebakery

To put in your fresh pastries pre-order available only for pick up, you can call or email and follow product availability as communicated through their Instagram account @sftebakery

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips on the counter

Photo Credit: Better Then Blog


Tsuchi is a vegan Japanese cafe that opened up in 2020.

This woman owned place is very aesthetically pleasing and full of chill vibes.

Everyone behind the counter is always attentive and eager to help you have an enjoyable experience.

We've been many times and every visit, we've noticed small adjustments that were implemented to improve operations.

These small changes over time can definitely change one's trajectory and are a true testament of Haru's resilience and creativity.

Haru's pop-ups around the city in conjuction with other vegan restaurants in Montreal plus the introduction of new pastries and dishes not only display creativity but passion for her craft.

From what we gather, her partner @balkanada creates a lot of the video content and does an amazing job!

For us, visiting Tsuchi is much more wholesome than just grabbing a vegan bite to eat.

It's sincerely inspirational!

Instagram and @harus_cuisine

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips on the counter

Photo Credit: Better Then Blog

Natural Japan Eats

Let us tell you about the times we ate mochi from Natural Japan Eats.

Pillowy, slightly sweet goodness!

Although the ones in the picture are from a collab by Natural Japan Eats and Tustchi for this years cherry blossoms, and what a delight these special editions were (yuzu cheesecake, sakura pistachio, and tiramisu), Natural Japan Eats has seasonal flavoured mochi regularly on Saturdays at the Stop Farmer's Market.

We've gone several times at the farmer's market to pick up Natural Japan Eats mochi and continue on our biking / hiking trails to enjoy them on one of our pit stops while taking in the beautiful view of nature.

Learn more about our favourite hiking / biking trails: Hike / Bike

Run or bike to get your Natural Japan Eats mochi, don't walk!

Instagram @naturaljapaneats @thestopcfc @thestopfarmersmarket

Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips on the counter

Photo Credit: Aurela Redenica

Whole Foods Market

Note: Image is not sold exactly as shown. Image is for illustration purposes only.

We know, this isn't a vegan restaurant, or bakery or cafe but this bakery has a bakery in it with many delicious vegan treats we want to write home about.

Sweets from the Earth products can be found here along with Nature's Flair cupcakes and muffins.

Our favourite go tos are the Whole Foods market vegan donuts, some bread varieties, vegan blueberry scones, and most importantly of all vegan croissants.

While these are available already baked, we much enjoy getting the frozen vegan croissants and baking them up for a fresh cozy morning treat.

We also like assembling our vegan cheese board with vegan cheeses that we can find at grocery stores such as Whole Foods Market.

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