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person skiing down a hill wearing orange ski jacket and pink orange ski goggles and a black ski helmet

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This year's been unusually warm based on previous Canadian winters.

With barely any snowfall, there hasn't been many winter sport activities we could participate in.

Skating in Toronto has been great but we also like to challenge ourselves and learn how to snowboard.

There's a ski hill in Toronto that opens when there's enough snowfall that has stuck to the ground.

When there isn't much snow on the ground, as we've experience in 2023 - 2024, we decided to go on an adventure outside of the city to Blue Mountain.

black and brown snowbaord and boots and bindings

Photo Credit: Pavel Anoshin

Thankfully, there are Blue Mountain webcams that show us the slope conditions in real time so we could coordinate our visit.

We also just recently learned that there's a bus (Aucoach Tours) that departs from Toronto to Blue Mountain during the winter months with several pick up spots to choose from in the city.

Although Blue Mountain does have snowboards and boots, snowboard goggles and snowboard helmets for rent, we prefer using our own snowboarding gear.

Still, it's always good to know if you prefer to ski or forgot something, Blue Mountain has ski goggles, ski helmets and generally skiing gear available for rent, as well.

person in blue ski jacket and red ski pants skiing downhill and person in black jacket riding on snowboard downhill

Photo Credit: Maarten Duineveld & Jeffrey Brandjes

Skiing or Snowboarding

When choosing between skiing or snowboarding, it all depends on preference.

Many say, “skiing is easier to learn but harder to master, whereas snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master.”

We recommend trying both and going from there.

While Blue Mountain's staff are knowledgeable and will find skiing gear or snowboarding gear that are suitable for you, in case you're curious how it's done, check out snowboard size charts.

If you really want to get into the sport and want to buy your own, you can always search “sports stores near me”, go to skis and bikes stores.

Definitely dress properly before visiting Blue Mountain in the winter as it's rather cold.

person wearing snowboard helmet, ski goggles and ski mask

Photo Credit: Joshua Reddekopp

Hack: wear a ski mask instead of a scarf and pack an extra hat.

Even though we've been experiencing a warmer winter here in Canada this year (2023-2024), we still found it a little cold at Blue Mountain because they were making snow for the slopes.

The additional humidity in the air made it colder but if you follow the layering guide in the ultimate jacket for men and women you'll be all set for your snowboard ski jacket.

Follow the same layering technique when building your ski pants / snowboard pants for your full snowboard / ski outfit.

view of Blue Mountain from the bus

Photo Credit: Better Then Blog

The bus ride to Blue Mountain was comfortable and the driving was smooth.

There were a few stops that were made before reaching the final destination when we visited Blue Mountain (Scarborough, City Hall, Kipling, Major MacKenzie), which makes it convenient for those who wish to skip driving.

There's enough space to bring your own skiing gear or snowboarding gear at the bottom of the bus and one backpack or small carry on luggage for each person, so travel light.

The kind bus driver announced time frames and stops.

It took a total of 3 hours to get there and another 3 hours back.

This allowed for 6 hours at Blue Mountain, which means this is a full day commitment.

Blue Mountain lockers in blue come in three sizes

Photo Credit: Better Then Blog

Lockers are available at Blue Mountain where the skiing gear and snowboarding gear rentals are.

An extra large locker fit a large backpack, two snowboard helmets and a snowboard bag.

We had access to the locker for the whole day and signed in and out of it through the digital system.

In retrospect, we would have wanted to stay for the weekend at one of the Blue Mountain hotels.

It seems like it's a nice and quiet place to sleep with all of the snow making, as long as you're not at the core of the Blue Mountain Resort - it's a party down there!

Definitely bring a change if you're not planning on staying the night cause you end up working up a sweat.

Blue Mountain Village restaurants hotels and amenities

Photo Credit: Better Then Blog

The Blue Mountain Village is great because it has a lot of places to eat or even buy additional gear if needed.

Some well known places are Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Roots, Columbia, etc.

We ended up eating at the Mile High Fries, Beaver Tails, and Espresso Majesty - Espresso Majesty having the best customer service.

All of these three places had vegan options, although we also saw a couple of vegan options at some other restaurants.

Night skiing is also available at Blue Mountain which is an especially nice experience around the holidays with all of the decorative lights.

We recommend giving night skiing a try.

Some places have a cheaper lift ticket for night skiing.

We'll do some more exploring and write home about it :)

As for skiing lessons or snowboarding lessons, you can definitely get some good tips from the sports experts at Blue Mountain.

When we visited, the lessons were jam packed, so we ended up teaching ourselves and you can, too, with these helpful websites:

Skiing Lessons

Access @skicoachingonline on Instagram and YouTube.

Snowboarding Lessons

Access @snowboardprocamp on Instagram and YouTube.

Apparently winter isn't the only season Blue Mountain is open.

Blue Mountain is open year round with all sorts of fun activities during the other months like cycling, hiking, trampolining and more.

Blue Mountain Village is located near a small ski town in Collingwood, which also has different amenities that might be a little more affordable.

If you're going by car we saw a skiing gear and snowboarding gear rental that might have competitive prices.

You could also have a meal at the local restaurants or do a little picnic with items from the grocery stores in the ski village.

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