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Whenever we mention we went skiing / snowboarding in Toronto to anyone, we always get a,

“What? Where?”


Since it's not well known (yet), we've decided to share this with you so you, too, can enjoy skiing or snowboarding without having to leave the city.

There aren't many hills you can ski or snowboard down in Toronto but it's honestly a great place for beginners especially if you want to get into the winter sport and get as much practice as possible without breaking the bank.

Before going, make sure you're layering properly.

We all know Canadian winters all too well and if you don't one thing is worth noting: they're unpredictable.

This winter's (2023-2024) been warmer than usual but we may be up for a cold front.

person wearing red winter jacket and backpack covered in snow

Photo Credit: Greg Rosenke

Since you'll be spending a certain amount of time in the cold, it's best to be wearing a proper ski / snowboard jacket.

Back to the skiing / snowboarding in Toronto.

Ski and snowboard runs are available daily, so if you work or go to school during the day, you can definitely hit the slopes in the afternoon / evening.

All day snowboarding and skiing is available on the weekends.

Snowboard and boot, snowboard helmet, ski helmet, and genearlly skiing gear rentals are available on site in temporary portable buildings.

There are also ski and snowboard lessons run by the City of Toronto.

The only major difference we've noticed between this place and other ski resorts is the type of lift for the beginner's hill - there's no carpet ski lift like at Blue Mountain , it's more like a rope you hold onto.

We had no previous experience using the rope ski lift, so we totally experienced one of those meme moments floating around social media where we totally wiped out.

If you'd prefer learning how to get to Blue Mountain by bus and other tips, check out our article: Getting to Blue Mountain by Bus.

Double rope up close

Photo Credit: Gwen Weustink

We don't recommend trying the rope ski lift or using the ski lifts in Toronto if it's your first time, unless you're in a lesson where the instructor explains how to onboard and off-board safely.

Walking up the hill and skiing / snowboarding down - makes for a great workout!

There are two other hills at this location, one that's a little harder than the beginner and a much steeper one.

When we visited this skiing / snowboarding spot in Toronto, the medium hill wasn't open and the steepest hill felt a little too intimidating of a jump from the beginner hill.

Another difference we noted is the hill length.

The runs are quite short.

Again, this a great spot to embark on your skiing / snowboarding learning journey or if you're really short on time and want to get a couple runs in without having to leave the city.

Ski lodge at Earl Bales Park Skiing Toronto

Photo Credit: Better Then Blog

Last difference is that this skiing / snowboarding spot in Toronto has a little ski lodge where you can pay for your rentals and ski lift tickets, buy something to eat or eat a packed snack instead of a whole resort.

Washrooms are also available at the ski lodge.

There are some lockers available that can be used at your own risk.

What's nice is there's a little wood fireplace which is nice to cozy and warm up to.

At this point, we bet you want to know where this skiing / snowboarding spot it.

All of this is conveniently located at Earl Bales park which is accessible by TTC.

Make your way on over to Sheppard and Bathurst.

lockers at Earl Bales ski Toronto

Photo Credit: Better Then Blog

Just South of Sheppard there is an entrance sign.

Keep keep following the road into the park until you get to a small parking lot and a ski lodge with some temporary portable buildings next to it.

The chalet's entrance faces the hills, so when you first see it, you'll need to walk around to the entrance.

Skiing / Snowboarding in Toronto is obviously available subject to the weather and amount of snowfall but they also create snow if the conditions are good.

Unfortunately, there's no webcam or updates to know if the conditions are good.

You could always try calling 416-395-7931 for information.

Apparently, they'll open sometime mid January.

If there's no snow but it's still relatively cold out, Skating Rinks in Toronto are still open and a great way to spend time outdoors. Check out our top favourite locations in Toronto.

If there is snow on the ground and you can't decide between skiing or snowboarding, sometimes it all depends on preference.

Many say, “skiing is easier to learn but harder to master, whereas snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master.”

We recommend trying both and going from there.

We settled on snowboarding and have been teaching ourselves how to do it.

Oh, also make sure to wear a ski mask rather than a scarf which could reduce movement.

You can teach yourself how to snowboard or ski, too, with these helpful Instagram pages:

Skiing Lessons

Access @skicoachingonline on Instagram and YouTube.

Snowboarding Lessons

Access @snowboardprocamp on Instagram and YouTube.

Stay safe and have fun!

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