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Perks you didn't necessarily know about the Art Gallery of Ontario.
The Art Gallery of Ontario is an art museum located in downtown Toronto. Each floor has a wide range of different collections which is bound to peak a lot of interest. Our favourite exhibits are the creations of the First Nations, Métis and Inuit as well as interactive installations and contemporary art.

spiral wooden staircase at the Art Gallery of Ontario located in Toronto

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The architecture of the Art Gallery of Ontario is always fun to experience. We've visited many times and each time without fail, we're mesmerized. Our of love of the outdoors and nature also draws us to the paintings of the Group of Seven. Their art work depicts the Canadian landscape as is and brings back lots of good memories we've experienced in Toronto parks. If you'd like to hike Toronto or go on a bike ride through Toronto's trails, access our article on the Best places to bike in Toronto.

Grange park behind the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto

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Free Wednesday nights are back at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Here's a great date night idea, which doesn't need to follow this order (you're free to do what works for you): organize a little picnic in the park just behind the Art Gallery of Ontario, then access the art museum and talk about your favourite creations. Instead of a picnic, there are lots of great eats on Queen Street just south of the art museum. Check out our other ideas for dates in Toronto.

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Up until the age of 25, everyone can access the Art Gallery of Ontario for free. Terms and Conditions do apply, double check the organization's website for details. Pre-pandemic, there used to be a free youth drop-in scheduled named, ‘Free After Three’ where 14 to 25 year olds could attend workshops and participate in making stickers, art prints, building skateboards, and so many more classes with art supplies either complimentarily provided or at a small fee. So far, it seems that break-dancing workshops have returned. Follow them on Instagram for updates @AGOYouth.

Free neon red sign

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Did you know you could get a family day pass to the Art Gallery of Ontario for any day of the week for free? Find out how, in our Toronto Public Library article.

For more details, access the Art Gallery of Ontario's website:

For other free things to do in Toronto, access our weekly update.

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