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The best, the worst, and what time of day and season to go visit.
Toronto is a unique city otherwise known as 'a city within a park'. Many cities we've visited pale in comparison when it comes to greenery. Usual sites include a concrete jungle, whereas in Toronto it's quite the opposite - it's as if it were a big city emerging through a forest. A lot of these lush green spaces are accessible by hike / bike trails that offer many activities along the way to your destination. All trails are good to hike / ride from spring all the way through fall.
Here are a few notable day hike / bike ride trails:

Woodbine Beach cottage looking house probably used for lifeguards with muskoka chairs and people around with Ontario Lake in the background taken by Sam Dyer

Photo Credit: Sam Dyer

Downtown to Woodbine

If you're into BBQs and Beaches, you won't want to miss this eastbound trail. BBQs and Beaches are only two of the 12 activities outlined in our article. This trail is great to visit during the spring and fall as it tends to be less busy. Summer is the most busy. Definitely hike / ride this trail during the day time and calculate enough time to start riding back before sunset. Trail link, here .

sunset orange sky with Humber Bay Bridge in silhouette along with cyclists, walkers and runners on it and the Toronto skyline in the distance taken by @lianhao_qu

Photo Credit @lianhao_qu

Downtown to Humber River

This trail is packed with more things to see and do than the above trail. Still hugging the shoreline for the majority of the trip, it moves in the opposite direction, westward. It is by far our favourite and we consistently visit it throughout all three seasons. Definitely hike / ride this trail during the day time and calculate enough time to start riding back before sunset. It tends to get a little spooky at night during the fall (perfect for Halloween!) Trail link, here.

pink cherry blossoms with a pale blue background photo taken from underneath flowers by Y S

Photo Credit: Y S

High Park Activities

Halfway through the above trail, you can make a pitstop at High Park where you can enjoy 6 of our favourite nature revelling pastimes. This park is great to visit year round, but definitely only bike to during three out of the four seasons (winter not included, lol!). As with the above trails, it's best avoiding night hike / rides in this area. Trail link, here.

taken from the Don Valley with trees and greenery and the Toronto skyline in the background taken by Manpreet Singh

Photo Credit: Manpreet Singh

Don Valley

Another nature lover favourite is this trail. You will be enveloped by trees and shaded by a canopy of leaves. The best time to visit is the fall, in our opinion because of the change in colours of the leaves. Still, you can hike / bike here during all three seasons except for winter (unless you try the fat tire biking - we've yet to try, but it's on our bucket list and we'll for sure keep you in the loop). Read about our top 3 things we enjoy on this trail. Trail link, here.

pink and blue sky sunset with some clouds and Toronto skyline silhouette in the background taken by Brice Lan

Photo Credit: Brice Lan

Best Toronto Sunset Locations

Grab your favourite person and head on over to one of these 4 gorgeous spots to enjoy the sunset. It could totally just be a low key get together or a date. Either way, we hope you get to experience a wonderful way to close off the day by blissfully basking in the sun's delightful purple, pink, and golden hued rays. Trail link, here.

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