Kay Gardner Beltline Trail in Toronto


Kay Gardner Beltline Bridge with horses taken from Yonge Street in Toronto looking South

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In this article we go over activities you can do along the Beltline in Toronto while hiking or biking as well as areas we do not recommend.

Check out our map directions which could help you with your map my run / hike / bike.

The map with pins can be found at the end of the article. Note: the map is for reference only. Toronto is always under construction and things change. It's also a good idea to travel is small groups for safety reasons.

As the weather warms up, we love spending time remaining active outdoors and going for long hikes or bike rides in Toronto.

The Beltline is one of our favourite trails and is excellent to visit in all seasons.

We used to take it a lot when we worked in the area.

The trees create a canopy overhead that provide shade and very picturesque scenery - totally Instagram worthy (for more Instagram worthy areas we recommend in Toronto, access our article: The Most Instagrammable Toronto Street Art Bike Tour)

We don't recommend going too far west past the Forest Hill area on the Beltline as the path becomes choppy around Eglinton.

Ah, yes, good ol' Eglinton. Never stop working on yourself!

calithenics outdoor gym in Toronto along the Beltline trail with graffiti in the background

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Eastward, you'll find a ping pong table and a calisthenics gym.

We recommend using them as ways to remain active and save money.

That is to say, you don't necessarily have to buy weights unless that is something that works for you.

tout est possible street art / graffiti meaning anything is possible next to calisthenics gym along the Beltline trail in Toronto

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At Yonge Street, you can definitely grab something to eat in the area and watch the TTC trains go by.

Otherwise, you can continue on down the Beltline after Yonge Street.

There's a brief moment where we cross the cemetery then hop back on the hike / bike path just north west of the Evergreen Brickworks.

Being under these tall trees is mesmerizing and totally worth it.

We purposefully didn't include a map while inside the cemetery because even with a map we've gotten lost many, many, MANY times.

It's not very intuitive in terms of navigation in there, but here's a tip: we usually keep the Visitation Centre on our right until we find Moore Ave.

The rest is downhill (in the easy sense) from there!

Evergreen sign from the Evergreen Brick Works in Toronto

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From there, you can continue on North or South and find out more neat things to do along the Don Valley Bike / Hike Trail.

Map, click on image for details:

Beltline trail map in Toronto

Photo Credit: Better Then Blog

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