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Photo of nature with the CN Tower in the background taken from the Don Valley Bike / Hike Trail Toronto

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8 things to see and do along the Don Valley Bike / Hike Trail.

This trail is one of our favourites and starts from Front and Bayview all the way to North York and pretty much branches off to Scarborough. There are other connectors to other parks, as well, but we'll leave that for another article.

Check out our map at the end of this article. Note: the map is for reference only. Toronto is always under construction and things change. It's also a good idea to travel is small groups for safety reasons.

We start our bike ride (which could be your hike) at Osgoode Station (the trail is similar to how we get to the Humber River Trail). We haven't ridden the complete trail but have done about three fourths of it. We recommend this trail if you're into nature and looking to recharge or into fitness and taking up new challenges.

At Front and Bayview, continue northbound until you see the Evergreen Brick Works on the left hand side. You're welcome to stop by and enjoy the park. There are a few activities we enjoy doing around there.

close up of huron on land with wings spread out close to pond at Evergreen Brick Works part of the Don Valley Bike / Hike Trail Toronto

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Evergreen Brick Works

Bird + Other Animal Watching

Animals we've seen include snapping turtles, turtles, herons, hawks, thrush, frogs, toads, fish, and rabbits. There have also been sightings of beavers and other animals other park visitors have told us.

view from top of the hill at Evergreen Brick Works you can see the Toronto Skyline in the distance emerging from the lush green trees of the Don Valley Bike / Hike Trail Toronto

Photo Credit: Quy Tran

Surround Yourself in Nature to Recharge

We enjoy nature and there are many wildflowers and little trails you can surround yourself in to recharge. One of our favourites is to follow the abandoned train tracks up at the top of the hill.

Evergreen Brick Works in the Don Valley Bike / Hike Trail Toronto - view from the lily and reed ponds on a partially cloudy day

Photo Credit @gvchana

Farmers' Market

We like to support local as much as possible and where reasonable so we like to buy a few items here every so often.

If you continue on northbound from the bridge at Pottery Rd, though, you'll quickly be enveloped in nature. It's particularly nice in autumn when you can enjoy the fall foliage or flowers in spring and greenery in summer. The river is also known for salmon run sightings, but we enjoyed the Humber River Trail for that activity more.

After a while you'll reach a couple of bridges on the left hand side. Take those to continue on northbound.

picnic with wine glasses, picnic basket, baguettes, etc.

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There you'll find lots of green fields with plenty of space for picnics and get togethers. We recommend bringing Turkish towels (because of their versatility and aesthetic).

Archery Target

Photo Credit @anniespratt


Once you get to E.T. Seton Park, you'll find a public spot where people practice archery with their own equipment.

Ontario Science Centre

This Toronto Archery Range is actually located just next to the Ontario Science Centre. You could also get a free* family pass to the centre. Access our article on the 50+ of the Best Free* Things You Can Do Thanks to the Toronto Public Library

*Transportation to and from events not included. Other charges may apply. Free at the time of writing this article. Specifics and any changes may be outlined on organizations' websites.

Edward Garden

Finally, if you continue on northbound you can reach Edward Gardens to see all of the beautiful flowers and have another picnic there.

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Map, click on image for details:

don Valley toronto trail map

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