Forest Bathing in Toronto


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Similar to Sun Bathing, but Instead of Soaking Up Rays from the Sun, We're Soaking Up the Vibe from the Trees.

According to Ontario Parks, forest bathing is a Japanese concept coined in the 80s. The act provides many benefits.

Access website for details:

We're grateful to have many parks that we can be embraced into in Toronto and check our worries pretty much at the 'door' emerging from the park on the other side like having returned from a mini vacation - refreshed.

There are so many trails to hike or bike through that offer many additional activities along the way.

You Can Go on Your Own Adventure or Go on a Guided One

If You're Interested in Going on Your Own Adventure

Access our favourite Hike / Bike Trails that include additional activities you can expect along the way like archery (on the Don Valley Bike / Hike Trail), as well as a map at the end of each article.

Whether you're into hiking / biking along the waterfront, or into the trees, or seeing sunsets, one of the trails are bound to peak your interest!

two people with burkinstock boots on walking through autum leaves in High Park Toronto

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As for Guided Tours, Here are a Few Suggestions:

High Park has free* guided tours offered in many languages such as but not limited to Arabic, French, Gujarati, Korean, Russian, Turkish languages.

High Park also has plant and animal identification events that are available at a small fee.

One event that seems particularly interesting is called Fluorescent Forest: Exploring High Park after Dark.

Using UV lights, participants get to identify organisms that glow in the dark!

Check out our article on High Park Activities for other things to do at High Park.

Map provided at end of article in case you want to try biking / hiking there.

Access website for details:

Downsview Park provides a few events that also seem interesting such as their Nature Connection: Buzz about Bees where participants will search for different species of bees.

Did you know that there are green ones?

During the Park Stewardship event, participants can plant native plants.

Nature walks are only provided in English at this time.

Access website for details:[when_event_date]=upcoming&interests[0]=0&interests[163]=163

forest under snow - snow sticking to trunks of trees

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Evergreen Brick Works also provides events including Public Site Tours

If you're interested in hiking or biking there, depending on where you are originally, you can use the Beltline then connect to the Don Valley Trail or come from the south of the Don Valley Trail and go north.

Check out our article on the Beltine Trail Toronto and / or the Don Valley Bike / Hike Trail for activities and maps.

Access Instagram Page for details: @evergreen_brick_works

Toronto Outdoor Club is a Pay What You Can organized volunteer led group of people who regularly get together and take different urban hikes in various locations around Toronto.

Explore what the different parks have to offer and meet new people.

Access website for details:

forest in background - path with spring purple and yellow flowers in foreground

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The Toronto Public Library also has some great resources in terms of camping workshops and introductions to parks.

Check out our Toronto Public Library article for 50+ ways you can benefit from the library including bike maintenance workshops as well as much more than just borrowing books.

What's great about Forest Bathing is that it can be done any season and the results are the same.

As much as traveling to another country is nice, you could get the recharge feel a lot sooner and with a fraction of the expenses by heading on over to a local park and 'reaping' the benefits today!

Whichever of the above you decide on doing, have fun and stay safe!

Have suggestions for other trails?

Let us know on TikTok and / or Instagram. Comment, like, share! :D

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