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Here are 6+ things we enjoy at High Park.

High Park is known for its cherry blossoms and big maple leaf but there are other gems most people don't know about.

In this article, we go over 6+ activities we enjoy many of which are off the beaten path!

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happy border collie dog with medium large stick in mouth in what looks like a park

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Dog Off Leash Zone

There's a dog off leash zone we enjoy walking through.

We don't have any pets of our own but it's always nice to walk through this zone if you're a dog person and receive boops from them.

For the most part, they're very happy and friendly.

Apart from nature helping us recharge, seeing the dogs play also helps wash worries away.

Bring your adventurous pet furry friends along for the ride with the following gear:

chickadee on a branch with greenery in the background and light making a bokeh effect taken by @bgp.63 this kind of picture can be taken at High Park Toronto

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Chickadee Bridge

At the chickadee bridge, we enjoy birdwatching and seeing as many different birds as possible.

Some that we've seen are cardinals, sparrows, chickadees, doves, blue jays (although, they're rather shy), woodpeckers, hawks, and nuthatches, to name a few.

You'll also see plenty of chickmunks and squirrels as well as pigeons. It's important not to feed squirrels and piegons on public and private property as the City of Toronto just made it illegal in a recent bylaw.

Anyone who does feed them can face fines.

High Park Nature Centre

There's plenty of wildlife at High Park and the Nature Centre has programs for both children and adults ranging from camps, to guided walks, to workshops, and yoga.

Nature walks are offered in many different languages like Korean, Russian, Arabic, to name a few.

Learn how to identify different plants and wildlife as well as nature conservation.

Access website for details: https://highparknaturecentre.com/special-events/

Garden Allotments

The City of Toronto also has garden allotments.

These are particularly useful for people who do not have land and wish to do some gardening.

There are several allotments across the city.

If you ever venture towards Woodbine, there's a plot along the way as well as so many things to explore.

Check out our Downtown to Woodbine article to learn more.

We would like to grow our own food one day.

When we do end up getting an allotment, we'll write about it.

So, stay tuned for our experience!

cherry blossoms on a nice day with people in the background enjoying picnics and the pond plus buildings further in the background taken by @brandonxlaw at High Park Toronto

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Although there are some places to buy something to eat around the area, we recommend packing a lunch and picnicking at the park.

Nothing beats eating outside in nature especially under the cherry blossoms!

Still, even if it's not cherry blossom season, it's always nice sitting outside under a tree through spring, summer, and fall.

Useful Things to Bring

Turkish Towel

We always like bringing out Turkish towels with us which can be used as beach towels or picnic blankets and later on as throws on the couch at home.

They're always useful, versatile, and compact which makes transportating them easy.


These containers have come in very handy when bringing food along with us to work, school, or on picknicks

We've gotten a lot of compliments about how they stack and how sturdy they look.

We've even had people tell us that the containers remind them of their containers from back home in Korea and India!

Klean Kanteen Thermal Container

This container is great for transporting hot or cold liquids.

We even use it to store popscicles in the summer months - great hack!

Outdoor Pool

The outdoor pool is set to open June 30th.

For more outdoor pool locations in Toronto and fun things to do for a limited time check out our Free* Things to do in Toronto for a Limited Time article to learn more.

*Transportation to and from events not included. Other charges may apply. Free at the time of writing this article. For accurate and up to date info please refer to organizations' / event organizers' websites / social accounts.

the Japanese Garden in High Park Toronto looks very zen with its flower, tree and greenery arrangement taken by @perspektive

Photo Credit @perspektive

Cherry Blossoms and Maple Leaf

Finally, we do like seeing the cherry blossoms and the big maple leaf, however, in less peak times.

We know they're pretty popular attractions.

Cherry blossoms being the most ephemeral, it's tricky to find a time when there aren't many people around.

Still, it's worth seeing them as a reminder to seize the moment!

You could also benefit from less popular spots of High Park that still make great locations for outdoor photos or just great locations for recharging in nature.

In case you want to take Instagram worthy photos elsewhere in the city, check out our: The Most Instagrammable Toronto Street Art Bike Tour article.

In High Park, there are less manicured areas in the woods and more well kept gardens such as the Japanese garden.

We often like hiking at High Park during the winters and biking during the spring, summer, and fall.

To get there by bike, we've provided a map for your convenience at the end of this article.

Note: the map is for reference only.

It's also a good idea to travel is small groups for safety reasons.

One starting point is at Yonge and Bloor.

The other is at Union station.

Still, it's important to use your own GPS or phone and be prepared to reroute in case there's construction, for example.

For those who do not have a bike, the City of Toronto has a Bike Share program.

Most subway stations have a Bike Share station next to it and there are many Bike Share stations around Toronto where you can return the bike once you're done using it.

We haven't tried them yet, but when we do, we'll let you know our take on them.

Having a pressure gauge to check the tire pressure can help you with your ride making it easier to pedal and an overall more enjoyable ride.

Some TTC subway stations also have free* to use bike tire pumps in case you need it.

High Park is close to Humber Bay Arch Bridge.

You can continue going West along the Humber River Trail or if you're more so into sandy beaches, you can also try Downtown to Woodbine.

Winter Activities

High Park can be enjoyed year round and is not limited to spring, summer, and fall.

Apart from the dog off leash zone, the chickadee bridge, and Nature Centre, there are skating rinks that are also available.

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