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Small what looks like a lifeguard house on the sand at Woodbine Beach with Lake Ontario in the background by Sam Dyer

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12+ things you can see and do from Harbourfront to Woodbine while hiking / biking.

In this article, we share over 12 activities you can enjoy while hiking / biking from downtown through the waterfront, past Cherry Beach on the hike / bike trail all the way to Woodbine Beach.

Check out our map at the end of this article. Note: the map is for reference only. Toronto is always under construction and things change. It's also a good idea to travel is small groups for safety reasons.

If you've read our other articles, you'd know that we love spending time outdoors hanging out in parks. One of our favourite activities is biking during spring, summer, and fall. We like biking from downtown to Woodbine because it has a lot to offer and can soon become one of your favourite routes, too.
From Harbourfront, you could:

people on ferry boat with life jackets overhead on their way back from the Toronto Islands with the Toronto skyline in the background by @yichen980512

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Take a Ferry to the Toronto Islands

and explore all of the activities available there or you could continue eastward along the hike / bike path. One thing to note: Toronto is always under construction, so there will always be some kind of route disruption. Expect needing to reroute and having a map on a phone is handy (see how we attached our phone to our bikes, here). The map below is for your convenience, however, it might be slightly different considering the constant construction.
After a little while, you'll see a newly installed bridge and shortly thereafter:

Cherry Beach

Many enjoy this area mainly because of its cottagy vibe. There are plenty of outdoor parties that happen around here as well as there are all summer long BBQs. You can bring your own items to grill on the available BBQ stands. We like to BBQ more towards the end of the trail. Continue reading to find out more.
Following the hike / bike path eastwards, we pass by roots that have uplifted the hike / bike path making it bumpy but if you're into that sort of ride, it's fun!

Tommy Thompson Park

At Tommy Thompson Park we see yellow birds, long tailed ducks, tree swallows and many of the local birds we see at Hight Park. Also, on a calm day, the water is so nice and crystal blue. There are signs that do not allow motorized vehicles. For specifics, kindly refer to the City of Toronto's website ( for what's allowed at this park. It's also one of the best spots to watch the sunset in the Toronto.

Garden Allotments

On the left of Tommy Thompson are garden allotments from the City of Toronto. Residents can rent an allotment and grow various plants. We’d like to grow our own fruits and vegetables. We’ll let you know all about our experience as soon as we get off the waitlist.

vegetable skewers being BBQed over the Amazon Over Fire Grill Grate mentioned below at Woodbine Park by @betterthenblog

Photo Credit @betterthenblog

Woodbine Park

After what seems like a little industrial stretch, you'll reach Woodbine Park. This is where we like to have our BBQs. Remember to pack your own coal. We like to bring our own grill as well since it's hard to clean the stations.

Other activities in this park include, beach volleyball, tennis courts, suntanning, and some people like to swim in the lake. There are kayaks and paddle boards for rent, as well.

You can always go prepared with a frescobol set and a Turkish towel which is versatile enough to be used as a picnic blanket and / or beach towel, as well.

two scoop of what looks like vanilla and strawberry ice cream slightly melting in front of what looks like a food truck with a person on a bike in the background and the beach in the background of them by GG Lemere. Ice cream and other food can be bought at Woodbine Beach

Photo Credit: GG Lemere

If you didn't pack a lunch, you can always buy something from Beaches N' Cream, or have a picnic.
We really like Woodbine because it reminds of a beach city similar to Santa Monica in Los Angeles or the beach area near the Golden Bridge in San Fransisco. It sure has a community feel with families and dogs enjoying what the area has to offer.

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Map, click on image for details:

woodbine cherry beach toronto trail map

Photo Credit: Better Then Blog

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